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Victory Inquiry offers advice that may seem overwhelming to an individual that is facing the ups and downs of life.  We should take things step-by-step.  Prior to attempting any of the advice on this site, it is vital for you to get rid of some of your current habits.  Here are 10 bad habits that you will need to work on:

Spending too much time watching television.  Do not get me wrong, I too love a great series.  The problem arises when you attempt to follow every 'good' show on television.

Not getting enough sleep.  There are times when we have to get less sleep because of deadlines.  This should not be the norm.  You need at least 6 hours of rest per night.

You cannot buy your health.  No matter how good the advice is on this site, you will not be able to implement the advice if you are not healthy.  Exercise more, smoke and drink less.

Stop building barriers.  Communicate with your friends and family on a regular basis.  Victory takes a team.

Money matters.  Do not use your wallet to attempt to buy your way out of stress.  Save more, spend less.  Get a plan and stick to it.


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