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Motivational Basketball Quotes

Motivational Basketball Quotes
Basketball is a sport many of us quickly fell in love with.  For me it was Michael Jordan.  I had to be like Mike, period.  The sport all of a sudden becomes more difficult as we age and begin to realize that those MJ dreams are a bit far-fetched.

Today, as many young players attempt to imitate LeBron's heroics and Steph Curry's flawlessness, there is certain to be high levels of frustration.  This article presents motivational basketball quotes to help you get through those discouraging times.

The best basketball quotes inspire us to keep the sport fun as opposed to allowing it to frustrate us.  Coaches are some of the most effective producers of inspirational basketball quotes for players.  For those having difficulties with their coach, remember that the two of you represent the same team.

We collected some of the best basketball quotes we could find to lift you up when the sport has you feeling down.

If we missed some quotes from one of your …

Live Life to the Fullest Quotes

Live Life to the Fullest Quotes This article presents some of our favorite living life to the fullest quotes.  Time may seem to fly yet we must consider the rate at which it passes: One day at a time.  Each day is a brand new opportunity to live your life to the fullest.  
"Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice.  The flow that has passed will never pass again.  So enjoy life, live every moment to the fullest."
Reach out for exhilarating experiences.  The life that you have left is a gift that you must cherish and enjoy.  You have to do what matters, now.  These quotes on living life to the fullest will motivate you to stay committed and fresh.  
The following live life to the fullest quotes cover your emotional, spiritual and physical healthy.
Quotes about Living Life to the Fullest