Sergey Brin's Networth Doesn't Tell Full Story: Greenbelt to Google

Sergey Brin Net Worth, Life of Victory
Life of Victory: Sergey Brin Net Worth: $30 billion+

In regard to Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, many of only use the search engine that he created to search 'Sergey Brin net worth'.  We are not concerned about the way in which he earned his life of victory.

Sergey Brin Net Worth
For my fellow 'Sergey Brin Net Worth' searchers he is currently worth $29.7 billion, yet that may change by the end of the article.

Sergey Brin Education
Now for those of that use Mr. Brin's search engine to search 'Sergey Brin Education' this is where the article gets interesting.  When you search 'Sergey Brin Education' in Google you immediately recognize that familiar Standford 'S' that sits behind the 'Tree'.  You also see the University of Maryland's logo to signify Mr. Brin's undergraduate university (Go Terps!).

Then there is that last school, you think.  Eleanor Roosevelt? Could you have typed in 'Sergey Brin Education' wrong considering you have never heard Mr. Brin's name associated with 'Eleanor Roosevent'?

Life of Victory: Sergey Brin Education

High School Education
High school gives students a chance to grow up mentally, emotionally and physically.  It is a critical time for students to grow intellectually and personally.

Sergey Brin attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School ("Roosevelt") in Greenbelt, Maryland.  While many of Brin's biographies fail to provide a thorough description of Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Greenbelt, Maryland, we will explore these aspects of Brin's life in further detail to identify how they contributed to his success.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School
 Roosevelt is a public magnet high school that specializes in science, mathematics, technology and engineering.  It was the country's first specialized high school for science and technology.  Roosevelt was recognized by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School in 1991 and 1998.

Roosevelt is regularly ranked as one of the top high schools in the region.  The 2015 U.S. News and World Report ranked the school number 26 within Maryland.  Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement course work and exams.  The Advanced Placement participation rate at the school is over 50 percent and minority enrollment is 85 percent.

Despite the school's prestige, Sergey Brin had no problems with the curriculum.  According to some accounts, Brin was cocky about his math skills, often challenging professors on their methods and results.  Brin attended Roosevelt for three years, while simultaneously earning one year's worth of college credits.

Greenbelt, Maryland
Greenbelt, Maryland was created in the Resettlement Administration in 1935, under authority of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act.  It is a 'greenbelt town' envisioned by Rexford Guy Tugwell, advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The concept was idealistically utopian: the federal government would foster a self-sufficient cooperative community that would ease the housing shortage near Washington, D.C.

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, helped Tugwell plan out Greenbelt.  Greenbelt is located just twelve miles northeast of Washington, D.C., enabling the First Lady to pay close attention to its construction.  She visited Greenbelt several times and helped the city behind the scenes.  In 1976, after petition by the people of Greenbelt, the city’s high school was named after the First Lady.

Greenbelt continues to maintain its original features as a planned community.  The cooperative spirit and strong sense of community have been passed on to new generations of Greenbelters.

Surrounding Yourself with Greatness only Half the Battle
Instead of ignoring Sergey Brin's high school years when telling his life story, we must acknowledge how important they were.  Brin attended school alongside some of the smartest students in the entire world and he worked hard to outperform them.

While surrounding yourself with greatness is vital, outperforming greatness is what will lead you to successfully accomplishing all of your goals.  Many of us become complacent once we are surrounded by the individuals who bring the best out of us.  We work so hard to build the perfect networks and then we assume that our mission is complete.  This mindset will not allow you to achieve the success that you desire.

Now that you have surrounded yourself with greatness, use the following quote from Denis Waitley in order to stay motivated: "The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself."

Greenbelt to Google
Sergey Brin grew up in Greenbelt, Maryland.  He graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School and then the University of Maryland before attending Stanford.

Google serves as a tribute to Sergey Brin's hometown of Greenbelt, Maryland.  The city was constructed to provide affordable housing for federal government workers and create jobs to help stimulate the national economic recovery following the Great Depression.

Franklin Roosevelt's speechwriter and legal counsel Samuel Rosenman suggested having an academic team to advice Roosevelt in the 1930s.  The Brain Trust was developed as a group of advisors to Roosevelt during his presidential administration.

Rexford Tugwell became a part of Roosevelt's Brain Trust to develop policy recommendations leading up to Roosevelt's New Deal.  Tugwell searched for solutions to move the economy out of the Great Depression and provide work relief for the unemployed.  His research led him to implement a solution: Greenbelt, a planned community which offered affordable housing for low income workers.

Google helps people find what they need, fast.  It is easy to use and provides access to relevant knowledge to implement effective solutions.

Google is an extended metaphor for Greenbelt.  Google and Greenbelt increased accessibility, promoted community spirit and provided financial opportunities.

Google offers users effortless access to accurate information.  To further the company's commitment to accessibility, Google launched a global initiative called Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities.  The program advances ideas that increase opportunity for people with disabilities.

Greenbelt Citylink explains, Greenbelt used interior walkways, underpasses and one of the first mall-type shopping centers in the United States.  Greenbelt took its name from the belt of green forestland with which it was surrounded and from the belts of green between neighborhoods that offered easy contact with nature.

Google enables users to create, manage, search and browse web-based groups, as well as subscribe to and track groups.  Google additionally offers users the ability to join and follow discussion among different groups, keep in touch with family and friends, and share information more easily.

Greenbelt was designed as a cooperative community where the built environment reinforced community spirit and cooperation among its residents.  The city offers the best aspects of rural life: lakes, woods, and open spaces with the best aspects of urban life: recreational facilities, theaters and shops.

Google offers numerous free, simple opportunities to get more value from your online content.  Google Adsense enables users to show relevant and engaging ads to their site visitors and even customize the look and feel of the ads to match the website.

Greenbelt's financial opportunities include relief for the unemployed and affordable housing for low income workers.  All businesses in Greenbelt were run cooperatively.  If businesses made a profit funds would be reinvested in the business themselves.

Sergey Brin made Greenbelt, Maryland proud through his ability to deliver a service that provides people with solutions.  The city was developed as a direct response to a problem therefore Google and Greenbelt are synonymous.

Brin utilized the same strategy that he used to outperform the great students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School to achieve success with Google.  All in all, Sergey Brin's ability to excel beyond greatness and implement effective solutions has led him to a victorious, successful life.

For those 'Sergey Brin Net Worth' information seekers mentioned about, Mr. Brin made about $8 billion in July therefore he is now worth about $35 billion.  Sergey Brin's victorious life should motivate you to achieve greatness and earn a life of victory of your own.

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