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10 Facts About Future-President Hillary Clinton

On Sunday, April 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton announced that she would seek the presidency for a second time, immediately establishing herself as the likely Democratic nominee.
ONE Hillary Clinton has the opportunity to become the first female President of the United States of America.  Many people still think of Bill when they hear the name Clinton, yet Hillary’s future is bright and if she becomes the next President, she will surpass her husband as the most popular Clinton.
TWO Hillary Clinton has never let her gender limit her accomplishments.  She wrote NASA when she was a child requesting information on how she could become an astronaut.  NASA replied, explaining that they did not allow females in their programs.
THREE According to The Daily Signal, when Hillary Clinton was a child, she also dreamed of becoming a baseball player or a journalist. 
FOUR Hillary Clinton – Keeps on pushing.  In 2008, her party did not nominate her.  President Obama also rejected her as his running mate.  Clint…

Inspirational basketball player Lauren Hill dies at 19; 3 Victory Lessons From Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill was the 19 year old college freshman basketball player who played at Mount St. Josephs.   She committed to play for 'The Mount' her senior year of high school.  A few weeks later her doctor informed her that she only had two years to live.

Lauren Hill inspired people around the world by fighting an inoperable brain tumor.  Hill's battle ended April 10 at age 19, yet she saw the end of her life as the beginning of something bigger.  She dedicated her life to live, to speak, to play, for all the children with cancer who cannot.  Pediatric cancer is under-funded and Hill was able to raise $1.5M for cancer research.  You can donate to her tribute fund at The Cure Starts Now.

Hill continued to play while she was dying.  The truth is, we are all doing the same: Everyday we live we are one day closer to our death therefore we cannot let our lives pass us by!  Hill has set the bar high: Her courage and bravery makes everyone feel like they are capable.  U…



Jack Nicklaus makes hole in one

Deadspin repots that the "Old man's still got it!" Jack Nicklaus got a hole-in-one on the fourth hole of Wednesday, April 8's par-3 contest at the Masters.  Mr. Nicklaus makes 75 look flawless!

All of us are not as perfect as Mr. Nicklaus, but consider the following: "If every shot you hit was a hole-in-one you'd lose interest.  You have to hit a few in the woods sometimes to appreciate the game.  Much like life."

Lee Trevino is one of the few golfers that beat Jack Nicklaus.

Dove: Choose Beauty, Choose Victory

Image reports that the #ChooseBeautiful Dove ad gives women a choice: Beautiful or Average? The ad campaign tells women "You're more beautiful than you think"!

Make a choice.  How do you perceive yourself?  Do you consider yourself average? Or do you consider yourself beautiful...successful...limitless...VICTORIOUS!?  Are you too afraid to make a choice (1:45)? Be honest with yourself! reports that people tend to overestimate the likelihood of new technologies' success; this overconfidence can influence important decisions, such as investment choices.  Why not have the same confidence in your own abilities?  Why don't you know that you are beautiful? Why don't you know that you are successful? Why don't you know that you are destined for VICTORY...the same way that you know certain technology is flawless.  The article further reports that people associate technology with the notion of success...If you have to consider yourself an app or e…


Slashfilm reports that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is coming out in June.  In the film, a high school slacker befriends a classmate who is dying of cancer.  

In January, we posted an article that describes some of Stuart Scott's powerful messages regarding his battle with cancer.  

"When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer.  You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live." Stuart Scott

Remember there is a CAN in cancer because we CAN beat it!

Victory Lesson from Nike, Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy: Inspiration; Ripple

Nike Golf
SportsGrid reports that most people will see it as Nike's touching tribute to Tiger Woods and how he inspired the emerging greatness of Rory Mcilroy. The article explains that Nike is taking the baton from Tiger and handing it to Mcilroy.  The commercial is yet another example of the importance of inspiration.

Mcilroy is motivated to achieve what Tiger has accomplished.  He has a goal, a vision...Mcilroy is able to use Tiger Woods' legacy as inspiration.  Why do you do what you do? What is your ultimate goal? What are you attempting to achieve?  For Hope Solo, it's her father who inspires her.  Difficult days are soon to come.  They always do.  What will you use to motivate yourself through those difficult times?

Here is yet another commercial from the two, that reminds us that competition can also be a great source of inspiration. Your competition wants to see you do good, but never better than them.
 Remember that.

Russell Westbrook Height

Russell Westbrook's height is 6 foot 3 inches.  Russell Westbrook's vertical leap is 36.5".  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook amaze fans in Oklahoma City year-after-year but it is what they do behind the scenes that is truly amazing.  It is not Russell Westbrook's height that matters, it is his heart.

According to Hello Beautiful, Oklahoma City Thunder star, Russell Westbrook was rewarded a brand new Kia for his All-Star performance at this year's All-Star games in February but he decided to pay it forward and donate the car to a single mother.

Victory is giving and forgetting that you gave it.  If you are wondering why people do not give you their best it is because you have not given them your best.  "You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself."We achieve victory by helping others win.

In a Great Place to Work article, Susan Lucas-Conwell explains that the spirit of giving is part of the fabric of great workplace cultures.  It …

Stanley Kubrick : Life in Pictures

Stanley Kubrick : Life in Pictures

Victory Lesson on Creativity: Incredible trick free-kick in Women's football match; BT Sport

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"!  An article in YourStory, explains the importance of bold experimentation in order to achieve innovation.  Learn from failures.  Failures are stepping stones to success!

You cannot be afraid to fail when applying creativity.  "Failure is an event, not a person.  Yesterday ended last night."  You must be willing to experience failure if you wish to succeed.

We are defined by how we react to failure.  It is stormy now yet the rain does not last forever.  Do not allow failure to defeat you.  Instead, treat failure as a teacher.  Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.

No matter how broken things may seem you can always build yourself back up.  It takes time.  Do not allow your struggle to become your identity.  The bad times make the good times better...

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Jimmy Surprises His Father-in-Law with a Special Watch


3 Victory Lessons from iHeartRadio Innovator Justin Timberlake

Justin does it all.  After mastering music he decided to develop his acting career.  In 2011, Justin's role in Friends with Benefits led to numerous award nominations and great reviews.  Top News explains that Justin's role in Runner Runner was highly appreciated by fans.  Mr. Timberlake also performed great in The Social Network and Bad Teacher to name a few.

Find space in order to grow and exercise your diversity.  Diversifying means being brave enough to explore in order to find a superior version of yourself.  Timberlake could have stayed with NSYNC in fear of his solo career failing.  Instead he decided to invest in himself and expand his career.  The result has been gratifying and he would have never experience it if he would not have tried.

Warren Buffet explains that diversification is protection against ignorance.  It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.  Justin Timberlake won the Innovator Award because he is not afraid to take-on ch…