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Robert Downey, Jr.: Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron
In the 1970's, Robert Downey, Sr. began casting his son, Robert Downey, Jr., in his films.  In the video below, Downey Jr. explains how his father made him a man by refusing to help him.  Downey Sr. understood that helping his son would only hurt him in the long-run.  This forced Jr. to make something out of himself as opposed to relying on people.

What person, in your life, have you blamed for refusing to help you? Thank that person, instead of enabling you to be lazy and insufficient, they were attempting to prepare you for the real world.  Are you helping someone too much? As uncomfortable as it may be, if you truly care about the individual, you will help them less in order for them to learn how to support themselves.

Keeping Marvel On Their Toes
As Robert Downey Jr. continues to raise the bar he forces Marvel and Disney to continue to have to pay him top dollars.  Downey made $75 million between the Iron Man and Avengers films.  Thanks to his role in Iron M…

3 Victory Lessons From Kobe Bryant

It is easy to be critical of Kobe's game now that he is passed his prime.  There are those that remember vintage Kobe Bryant.  The three consecutive championships, the years that he led the league in scoring and who can forget the 81-point game.  You can still see it in Kobe's eyes despite the fact that his current team is not nearly as good as the teams that he led to championships.  When you perform with the level of intensity that Kobe Bryant brings to the court, you are certain to gain success.  His mind is made up and no matter whom he is up against, he plays to his maximum potential.  Kobe's love for the game is clear and he proves that you will never be forgotten when you work as hard as possible to accomplish your goals.

That last shot.  Eternal.  It is the shot, the buzzer and more.  You miss...well, your city will not be able to come up with anything positive to say about you.  Even reading about that moment makes many people nervous.  No…

Taylor Swift Biography: Why She Keeps on Winning

Taylor Swift Biography
This Taylor Swift biography focuses on the aspects of her life that have led her to a life of victory.

She is one of country music's top recording artists and she has also experienced success in pop music, winning many awards.

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.  She moved to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania when Swift was 5 years old.

Small Things Into Giant
In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, "Great things are done by a series of small thing brought together.” Be open to all potential sources of motivation.  The minor occurrences in our lives often lead to the most substantial differences.  

For Taylor Swift, the minor occurrence came through a computer repairman that taught her to play three chords on the guitar when she was 12 years old.  12 years later Swift is still playing those three chords as one of country music’s top recording artist!

Victory Lessons From Brazil’s First Female President: Dilma Rousseff

Transcend The Pain Dilma Rousseff was a guerrilla, imprisoned for 3 years in the 1970s.She was involved with the armed struggle against Brazil’s military dictatorship.She was subjected to regular torture during the time.You have to allow your pain to motivate you towards your goals.When you are tempted to backslide, think about a painful experience in your life.President Rousseff was shocked with electricity and she was also suspended from a rod by her hands and feet.
Victory Over Pain President Rousseff was accused of helping a guerrilla leader escape, an allegation she denies to this day.While she was in prison, they beat her and broke her jaw.She still suffers from these actions today yet she did not allow these horrible occurrences impact her negatively instead President Rousseff fed off her pain in order to reach her goals.She has accomplished the unimaginable and continues to make history.
Resilience In October 2014, Brazil re-elected President Dilma Rousseff.Originally, President…