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Lebron James Quotes

LeBron James Quotes
LeBron James quotes never fail to inspire us to achieve our goals.  The two-time NBA Champion truly has a way with words.  This article will present LeBron James quotes and then describe life lessons that we can learn from LeBron James.

My Way There is this opinion and that opinion…His opinion, her opinion…Somewhere buried within the entire ordeal, there is your opinion.When you have a substantial decision, everyone will have their opinion but you have to make the final decision based on your opinion and move on.Do it your way and hold yourself accountable.If you let someone else make the decision for you, you will have someone to blame if it does not work out. That person is not impacted by the decisions about your life in the way that you are therefore their opinion may not cater to your best interest.Lebron had yet another decision to make, he made it and now he is back in the city he loves, laying his legacy his way.
Chase the Challenge Whether you are a Miami …

Five Victory Lessons From Charles R. Schwab

ONE Do It Your Way. Charles Schwab refused to follow Wall Street’s lead and instead paved his own path to success.The result: An investing revolution! Schwab believed Main Street was more important than Wall Street and he used this theory to reinvent the brokerage industry.
TWO Diversification. Schwab started numerous businesses at a very early age.He sold magazine subscriptions and even raised chickens.Schwab showed his leadership capabilities at a young age as he was captain of his high school’s golf team.

THREE Disorder The Disorder. Charles Schwab learned that he was dyslexic at 40 years old.He learned of the disability in the 1980’s after his son was diagnosed.When Schwab was young, he noticed his difficulties with taking notes in class, leading him to fail English twice.He also struggled in his foreign language classes due to the disorder.The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation aims to assist children with the disorder.
FOUR Stand Up For What You Believe In. Texas ordered Schwab to sto…

Jennifer Lawrence Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence Quotes
Jennifer Lawrence quotes never fail to inspire.  She certainly has a way with words.  She is able to take a very sensitive subject and motivate people as oppose to making them dwell about the issue.

Here are some of our favorite Jennifer Lawrence quotes:

ONE Never Too Early. Jennifer Lawrence began acting full time when she was only 14 years old! She went all in at 14.Some of us are twice her age and have not put half as much effort as Lawrence.To be victorious, you have to make the decision to chase your dream, full force, no matter how young or old you are!!
TWO Energizer Bunny. To land The Hunger Games role, Lawrence went through intense preparation.Jennifer Lawrence does not stop.Her resume includes American Hustle, X-Men, Silver Linings Playbook and Mockingjay.

THREE She Smiles. Jennifer Lawrence does not let the pursuit of success get to her head.She is able to laugh at herself and has a great sense of humor.People who take lif

Adele Quotes

Adele Quotes
This article will provide Adele quotes along with lessons that we can learn from her life.  Her success proves that she is approaching life in the right manner therefore it is important for us to implement the strategies that she uses.

Do not be scared to make historyAdele’s album ‘21’ sold 10 million copies! DIAMOND.Some of the most amazing artists in the past century were not able to produce an album that sold over 10 million copies.Despite the fact that Youtube and other forms of free music trafficking has made it extremely difficult to sell albums, Adele sold 10 million copies.She used her true emotions to create a masterpiece that MILLIONS of fans appreciated!
Look for new inspiration Adele’s 3rd album ‘25’ will be released by surprise.When your 2nd album sells over 10 million copies, you can relax on your 3rd release; Right? Not Adele.She is pulling a BeyoncĂ©.That is right, releasing an album minus the promotion.A bold move…10 million or not.In the age of innovative …