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Bill Gates Quotes

Bill Gates Quotes
This article will provide some of our favorite Bill Gates quotes along with five factors that we can learn from Bill Gates' life.

I. Computer Obsessed. When you love something do not stop doing it.Bill Gates was obsessed with computers, generated a billions and he is still at it.When there is anything that you love as much as Bill Gates loves computers, you have to stalk it.
II. Early Competition.Bill Gates enjoyed board games growing up where he was able to build a competitor’s mentality.Him and his sister would have lively battles.Bill Gates and his sister also competed in sports events that they nicknamed the Olympics.Gates was younger therefore he would lose to his older sister in most events.This makes many young children aspire for more and it definitely motivated Bill.

III. Education Appreciation.Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, was an education major at the University of Washington.When you have a parent that is a teacher, you are unable to get away with…

Michael Jordan Quotes

Michael Jordan Quotes This article will provide some of our favorite Michael Jordan quotes along with five factors that set Michael Jordan apart from the competition.

ONE No Remorse.Michael Jordan is a shark in a world of dolphins.From his teammates to his opponents, Jordan shows no remorse.He enjoys getting under people’s skin.This is not always negative.Many people are motivated when others criticize them.Teammates, like Scottie Pippen, can thank Jordan for inspiring them to become better players by holding them accountable.

TWO Competitive Nature.Michael Jordan is one of the most competitive people in the world.Many people are familiar with Jordan’s reaction to losing to the Detroit Pistons.It motivated him to start lifting weights more and working harder to ensure that the pattern would stop.Michael Jordan’s competitiveness developed at a much earlier age.It was his big brother, Larry Jordan, who would beat him in one-on-one battles everyday  in their backyard.Dr. Claire Hughes explai…

Oprah Winfrey Facts: 5 Things That Contributed to Oprah’s Life of Victory

This article will provide Oprah Winfrey facts that you should analyze to determine how she was able to achieve such a high level of success.  You should absorb these Oprah Winfrey facts like a sponge and use them to guide your goal setting process.
ONE Oprah lived with her mother for the first 14 years of her life.  Her father lived in another state enabling Oprah enjoy more freedom.  The lack of authority in Oprah’s household allowed her to become more outspoken.  Oprah’s mother was unable to handle her feisty daughter and eventually requested assistance from her father. 
TWO When Oprah was 14, she moved in with her father.  Oprah’s father was stricter than her mother but Oprah would ultimately benefit from this change in parenting styles.  Thanks to her father's no-nonsense attitude, Oprah was able to gain the discipline needed for success.  Oprah's father received the respect that she refused to give her mother.  As Jane Nelson explains regarding these inequalities: Childr…

Barack Obama Quotes

Barack Obama Quotes Barack Obama quotes never fail to inspire.  He truly has a way with words.  Use these quotes to motivate you to achieve the life of victory that you deserve.

Against All Odds
People always seem to have something negative to say about President Barack Obama.  Considering the President’s current approval rating, this will be one of the few positive articles written about him in the past month.  Let’s start with a vintage speech from President Obama’s Harvard vault:

Early Activism